What my ancestors ate for breakfast part II (no two people are the same)

To Extend the ideas of part I, We are all different inside and out. No two of us have identical shapes and sizes of body or organs. As structure denotes function we can safely assume we have differing physiological parameters and capacities.Translated into non science…. We are all different and therefore require different things.

It seems to follow that the basis of what we require can be given a foundation in where we came from, Tribe and location, and what was the mainstay food for that pace and people.

Take an example of the UK. The completion of the human genome project gave us a unique insight into where we came from. In particular i was reading a book on the origins of the British by Stephen (?) Oppenheimer. His take on the movement of genes since about 10000bc gave two broad tribes eventually ending up in this country. He found evidence that as the ice receded, people resettled Europe and this country from two areas.

The first was the Group who retreated to the caucasus mountains, they came back across central Europe via Germany and eventually ended up hitting the east coast of the UK. They were forest clearing farmers. There goal was space and agriculture. They lived accordingly with what they produced. Interestingly this group were highly territorial and frequently combatative. As a side point the intake of that diet is characterised as being high in omega 6 which signals rutting competitive behaviours in nature.

The other group re-emerged tracking the western seaboard up through western France and onto the UK (carrying on to viking country- there was no north sea or english channel at that time) They were seashore foragers and fishermen with hunter skills to add to there mix. They wanted wild forested space to hunt and gather the wild produce there and on the seashore. This diet is characterised by higher quantities of omega 3 which correlates to nurturing childrearing in nature.

As you can see two very different sets of needs and requirements and as time brought these two groups together i suspect the source of much conflict between them particularly within the British isles. One group wanted space to expand farming the other untouched landscape. Possibly these groups had different societal characteristics as a consequence of there differing lifestyles and needs.

One group required workers for the farmland and also warriors to protect it. There lives will likely have been full of the chores involved in maintaining their agricultural nature. There were likely no days off in old school farming of this type

The other group would not have had the same needs and would like have had more time spent “off task” learning other non survival related skills. less hierarchy would be needed in this context and the  nature of this type of living was less intensive in many ways.

Back to nutrition….

So if you have that ancestry you would do well to consider making that type of nutrition your foundation. Is that the full picture …. Well no! not quite.

Our way of life has changed considerably since those times and we have changed with those. Stress has become a pervasive factor, we have had diverse influxes of genetic influence since then (UK is more cosmo than you might think).

Next chapter will have a look at metabolic typing and the work to delineate the modern differences between us


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