Therapy and PT space available to rent

If you know or you are a health and wellness practitioner with a pre-existing business and client base this may interest you….

Would you like to be based in Bath, but without all the hassle of being in the middle of the city? Parking, congestion, convenience, traffic pollution, the length of time it takes to get there in the first place (for you and clients). etc etc…

IMG_1901We have an opportunity at Well to solve all those problems and to add an X-factor to your practice too. Situated on Woolley Lane 2 mins drive from Larkhall, Fairfield, Lansdown, London road, Camden, Batheaston, Swainswick and not much more than 10 mins drive from most parts of Bath. We have parking for up to 30 cars (conservatively) or a stunning walk if clients are amenable (and many are!).

Well is set in beautiful countryside with a stunning view of Woolley valley. Surrounded by greenery and nature (rabbits, cows, woodpeckers, IMG_1900butterflies ….this is fab!) with no traffic noise, only the sound of birdsong and occasional mooing, the ambience is wonderful. Our wellness centre is set up for people to come hang out out as well as receive treatments and training, and universally our clients love being up here. I recommend coming and visiting to enjoy the vista and atmosphere.

We have several offerings available to the practitioner.

purple room 3Purple therapy room;- In its own little area, in a quieter part of the building with a separate entrance if needed, this well appointed space would suit talk and physical therapists (counselling, hypo, CBT, massage, beauty, reiki, acu, reflexology, osteo, chiro etc). We have a main lounge, reception (with tea/coffee/wifi etc) for clients with also an outdoor area, if the weather is nice. The room has a couch, desk, chairs and storage space for practitioners is available.



Red room class space;- The big room can comfortably accommodate 15 people for active/yoga IMG_1904type classes or 20+ for educational events, retreats or workshops. Open and with good
light and a great feel combined with the voluminous parking this represents an unusual combination in Bath. Available by the hour, day, or for longer periods.

PT Studio;- Would suit a personal trainer, pilates type practitioner. The studio is kitted with fundamental functional training equipment. Suitable for one-to-one, and small group training, although we have trained up to 8 people in semi-private sessions at one time in the studio. With a roll door to the vast outdoor space and the prospect of training clients in the fresh air, and enjoying the surroundings, this space could house a pretty special PT practice. Take a tour round the PT studio here!

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