Pesticide problems and magical food forests

stick-men  Just been listening to a great article on radio 4 a debate with lord Kreb on the dangers of pesticide residues in the food chain. What a good article and what a top chap.

I have been working with a resonance testing practitioner who can show you these in your system. It seems that everyone has them and yes they do cause problems even more so it seems with small amounts. The major area seems to be endocrine and prostaglandin function. This is a problem.

Hormones and signalling molecules rely on balance to maintain homeostasis and therefore health.

Dropping in synthetic biologically active chemicals into that system is akin to throwing rocks in the pond. The ripples take a long time to dampen down. If you throw enough rocks (and we do so 2-3 times a day with non organic food) the calm is disrupted constantly and the body becomes ill at ease or dis-eased.

Lord Kreb called for the government to act but that is like asking the donkey to reverse down the minaret. For me organic is best promoted by supporting organic farming methods and purchasing appropriately. For those on a budget, grow your own. We did this for a long while with no garden and half whisky barrels on our driveway.

The best solution to me comes from biodynamic farming and permaculture. Particularly intriguing is the ancient concept of food forests. Google 1000 year old Morrocan food forest …..

There is a particularly interesting technique i explored in home growing. Put the seeds under your tongue for 9 mins before planting. The seeds reportedly take in RNA from your saliva and believing it to be there own (RNA is universal) grow to produce what your body is demanding at that moment .

We tried it and found amazing differences in the foods that grew from each of mine and my wifes test barrels. There is evidence that the shape, size and micronutrient content are swayed to suit you personally. This offers the enticing prospect of food as bio-specific medicine ….. I know where the future lies in my mind.

My ambition is to have a hectare garden plot which my family and i will tailor to our biochemical needs and grow into a self supporting ecosystem. My belief is that this will enhance both our health and lives.

In the meantime i have personally felt and observed in others many benefits to removing the pesticide residues from the body. You get to make up your own mind but i would recommend considering cleaning up or/and growing your own.

The wellbeing of yourself and your family is your personal responsibility and do you trust anyone else to look after such a precious gift?

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