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Happy Holidays everyone, the big world seems to have got a little more crazy but Well is sitting pretty and I’m looking forward to getting back to work. Focusing on changing or helping something in your own sphere of influence is a great buffer to all the lunacy on the world stage.

In his book “power versus force” psychotherapist Hawkins measured that one person resonating in the energy of love cancels out 100,000 people stuck in the very lowest energy of shame. I wonder how many someone in joy (even higher energy than love) can balance ? Fancy helping the world politic by getting some more joy in your life?

Spring seemed to get stuck in this year and has handed over the baton to summer early. Consequently we are being rewarded in Woolley valley with immense beauty and loads of wildlife. Im 90% certain i saw a peregrine falcon last week. Wow, thats a first for me.

So we are celebrating new starts today, We have the wonderful Sophia Bolton Bringing her incredible blend of joyful uplift, dance and yoga starting on Wednesday the 26th April (930-11 – inc. cuppa and hang out before).

The Lovely Mirella is bringing her Italian charm and her Sol power yoga to Thursday mornings (10-11) Starting on the 27th. A great start to any day.

We have the Magical Diane and her five elements Reflexology (and vertical reflexology too). The reviews from our spring festival testify to the magic hands she possesses.

You can check availability and book for any of these via the website or download the well bath members app from the app store.

All in all, plenty of reasons to be cheerful with plenty more on the way.

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