Much love and gratitude….

Well …. What an amazing day! Huge appreciation to all those who took time out of their Sunday to come hang out and Get involved with our Well Spring Festival. The consensus seemed to be an unqualified success.

The weather brought the Kids Messy Creative fun indoors (this aspect certainly lived up to the title) and we abandoned any semblance of timetables pretty early on. None of this took away from an amazing atmosphere, an A-game from Team Well. The food was amazing (thanks Emma) ┬áThe treatments were great (thanks Tiana, Diane, Kamala) The Active guys were on great form and proved to be a great “hit” with everyone particularly the kids (thanks Dan and Oskar).

I have to add one more big thanks, to My family, Mum Dad and Fran who helped steer the ship all day. couldn’t have done it without you guys.

Pretty much everyone, who i spoke to, Got Well. Cant say fairer than than can you;)

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