Life Hacks; It starts with the body…

First up i don’t think perfect exists. In this case I’m referring to bodies!

So life hack number one regarding bodies is to recognise that perfect is a signpost to a place that doesn’t exist.

You wouldn’t follow a signpost to a place that doesn’t exist …right?

How about better? Yeah that exists for sure!… Maybe lets follow that signpost instead then.

Better is always available, can turn up quickly and is always an improvement.

So, We can always get Better. The only way to assess better is to compare where you were then with where you are now. Better has no relationship to other people only self.

Hemmingway (famously quoted in Kingsman-a classic getting better story:)

 “true nobility has nothing to do with being superior to your fellow man, only to being superior to your former self”

So lets talk bodies for a moment. When you get past the mechanical material viewpoint you begin to realise the body is an electrical, magnetic, self healing and maintaining, physical, energetic, feeling, thinking, sensing, information processing, memory storing powerhouse of a piece of kit.

It is constantly recycling itself, within a couple of years or so all the cells of the body have replaced themselves. So it is always new and never old (no matter how old you think it is)

It is the storehouse of everything that ever happened to you and large chunks (at least) of everything that happened to your ancestors too. The body is feeling memory

The body is mainly made of water (made not full) and if you have seen any of Emoto’s work with the programmable intelligent nature of water, you will know that the body is listening to everything you say and is changing to represent what you say/think/feel about it.

So the second life hack regarding bodies is to say something grateful to the body. Appreciate and love it because it is awesome.

Contemplate the bits of your body you have hated on or criticised in the past. Those parts were listening and will likely still have a record of those negative feelings.

Carrying stored negative energy and intention around makes everything heavy and certainly doesn’t bring the change we are hoping for. in short it makes things more challenging not less.

Its worth googling an emotional clearing technique (such as EFT) and learning how to use it on your body. If you don’t fancy that you might try the HUNA magic words


If you use this mantra and connect to feeling it, there is not much you can’t clear with the energy of these intentions.

Once you’ve cleared a little, maybe then try doing something with and for the body. Look after it a little, treat it to some treatment, take it for a walk, or a run, teaching it some new tricks. Its a little like a pet, it needs love and engagement. A little can go a long way.

This whole idea of loving the creature that is the body is a worthwhile and game changing habit. When you look after the body it feels great. When it feels great you feel great, body mind and spirit are all the same thing after all….. You!

Life hacks for the body. Boom, mic drop!!




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