Body Mind Spirit – Chapter one – The physical body..Journey to WOW!

Once you start thinking about the dual nature of the universe and all the things in it (including us!!) it strikes you that everything can be energy or material in fact it sort of  starts of as both. It also seems that consciousness plays a role in how it decides to behave. What we believe is important… super important! We are creatures that run top down on stories and ideas. Beliefs are not the same as truths, or facts for that matter.

I guess what I’m saying is you can believe you are entirely physical in, which case things are slow to change but are stable. Or, you can believe you are energy which means changeable much more easily but a little unstable at times. My philosophy is to . This brings the best of both worlds, just enough changeability to shift what needs to change but enough respect for your physical body and life that it doesn’t turn into a car crash.


The Body is a great way to both play with the changeable energetic aspects and at the same time ground change into a stable and often measurable form. This is what i enjoy about My work. I can see change happening before my very eyes and then i get to check back in with clients as the deeper and more subtle aspects begin to percolate and rise to the surface. Its like watching some ethereal magic weaving its spell. Who doesn’t love magic?

The global term often used when describing bodies and people is posture. Posture is such a denigrated by faint praise term. Everyone knows its important but nobody seems to be able to put their finger on why. Allow me to elaborate….

Firstly, our body is not a machine. Nor is it really one body! It is constantly recycling  and regenerating itself to the degree that somewhere between 6months and 2years your bodies cells will have completed renewed themselves with new. We are less like a machine and more like a river, ever new and flowing. Second by second we are rewriting and resculpting ourselves. If you don’t like the direction your work of art is going you can change direction and inspiration.

Secondly, The body is a 3 dimensional (maybe more) Physical (and mainly energetic) representation  (or memory if you prefer) of everything that you have ever done, everything that you inherited. In fact everything that your ancestors ever did too. The shape of it and the way it feels and indeed works, is representation of some incredibly deep and ancient programmes working to make us the way we are combined with the lives and experiences we have surrounded ourselves with in this life. You are a store of the knowledge of your ancestors experiences combined with what you are inputting to the database by the way you have lived and continue to live.

Thirdly, Your body works in micro and macro levels. You can read both in both. There are disciplines that can read the eyes (iridology), the head, hands, feet… it goes on. I like to follow the ancient traditions of acupuncture and the veda’s in reading the whole body and it always tells your story. From how you live your life to how well it suits you that way. How supported you felt growing up, whether your parents were depressed or authoritarian. Who you aspired to be and whether your upbringing was congruent with that. To which parent did you lean on most, did you learn to lead with your head, heart or gut… Its all there. Even diseases have a statement  of intent, a wisdom they deliver if you like. They represent a very deep programme that our being is dealing with.

Finally for this post. The bit that speaks in words and espouses/collects knowledge (mind) represents a super computer processing 4000 bits of info per second. This sounds impressive until you contemplate that we are only 5% conscious in our behaviours, The other 95% runs of the non-conscious (non verbal) aspect, and despite the fact it has many viral emotional loops running within it, implanted by our unresolved trauma’s from the past, It still processes at 4Trillion (think lots of zeroes) bits per second. So is it the thinking part that is really driving…..? Not really!

So what can we do with these pearls of knowledge….. we can apply intention, conscious incision, energy, contact and movement , and occasionally a little magic (science that has yet to be fully understood- remember science and magic used to be the same thing) to create often instant change, we can romance the nervous system, calm and quiet the mind, become more conscious, clean up the past traumas and viral emotional loops, we can build inspiring creative joyful lives around ourselves and become the person we always deeply imagined we would be when we “grew up”.

In short we can adjust our lives from being OW brain Surviving to WOW brain Thriving and get off the treadmill and onto “the JOURNEY” that is so often quoted.

I love my job, i love my life. I love helping other people love themselves and their lives more too. It all can be found in the body. In fact in the Body Mind and Spirit. They are not separate things they are all one glorious thing and you cannot mess with one without messing with the others…. mess wisely !! You are literally putty in your own hands…….

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