At Well we calmly strive to be conscious, present, grounded and balanced in our relationships to ourselves, others and the world. We are all about non-judgement and growth mindset and endeavour to clean, clear, heal, move away from toxic aspects of ourselves and our lives, and seek to hold that space so others can do the same. Our ultimate aim is to help humanity and particularly our tribe to explore the upper limits of human potential, to create a more empathic loving society, with consumption replaced by care and consideration. Well is our tribe and everyone is welcome - Paul & Joe


• Heal, restore, balance
• Resolve pains and blocks
• Rebuild and rejuvenate

Offerings include: Yoga, Structural Integration, Tui Na (deep tissue acupressure), Massage, Acupuncture, Cupping, hot stones and more.

• Get into the body and the moment
• Quiet the mind and explore your potential
• Develop resilience and a strong focused mind

Offerings include: Yoga, PT sessions and more

• Gain clarity of mind and lightness of being
• Shifting limiting behaviour patterns
• Rediscovering the human BEing
• Upgrading to a fulfilled existence

Offerings include: Yoga, Qigong, Meditation, Prana Kriya, Breathwork, Kirtan and a variety of workshops.

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